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For more than two decades, Maxwell Small Business Consulting (MSBC) Services has been helping Small Business Organizations increase their profitability, through teamwork, and a synergistic approach, focused on ethical solutions. We also provide Accounting and Business Tax Services, while handling Negotiations with the CRA.

Our associates provide financial services, which include, but are not limited to, mortgage financing and refinancing, debt consolidation, consumer proposals, bankruptcies, web design and development, and preparation for the PMP exam.

We specialize in helping companies improve their profit- levels.

Initially, we meet with the owner of a small business to determine the organization’s needs, and to offer suggestions.

If the owner is interested in proceeding further, we conduct a feasibility study, which takes 1-2 days, and involves studying the methods and operations of the company and interviewing the owner, the management staff and some other employees. A simple, confidential questionnaire, will be distributed to all employees. Findings will be disclosed to the owner of the business, in writing, in a simple manner, rather than, by using confusing jargon. Our fee for this service is between $750.00 and $950.00, and is a tax -deductible expense, which is payable before the feasibility study begins.

If the owner of the business is interested in proceeding with implementation, our terms will be discussed (at the end of the feasibility study).


We will take care of your accounting and administrative services and take the load off you.


We aim to impress, through our ethical, friendly and team-based approach. Maxwell Small Business (MSB) Consulting Services offers consulting services, which are aimed at improving your bottom line, with emphasis on teamwork, cooperation, synergy, and an ethical approach to business. We encourage business owners to 
adopt an open-minded  approach, to business and increased profitability.

Our services also include a thorough, three-month PMP Exam preparation course. For further
details, click here


Our approach to solving tax problems is friendly and persuasive. Our fees are extremely competitive.

Are you facing problems when dealing with the CRA?
Do you need a professional to negotiate on your behalf?

Maxwell Small Business (MSB) Consulting Services specializes in corporate, business and personal tax returns, with extensive experience in negotiating with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and reducing debts. We have helped reduce the tax debts of many corporate clients and sole proprietorships, some of whom were faced with liens on the real estate of their owners.

Our fees are competitive and our approach is friendly in nature. We always strive to exceed your expectations. If interested, you may contact us for a free consultation.


We aim to address your precise needs in the areas of analysis, planning and execution.

Maxwell Small Business (MSB) Consulting Services liaises with the owners and directors of small business organizations, to enable planning and analysis in line with objectives and goals. Our team of professionals is knowledgeable, experienced and friendly, and we strive to improve your bottom line.


A practical business approach, with emphasis on your bottom line.


This training will prepare you and give you the confidence to take and pass the exam.

Are you looking to further your career by securing your PMP designation?
Do you want to give yourself the best chance of passing the exam?
Are you looking for an instructor who built a streamline approach to studying and passing the exam with a very high score?

If the answer to ALL of these questions is “Yes”, then look no further – just click on the following link!

Attaining a PMP designation is not an inexpensive undertaking, but requires commitment:

  • There is the cost of training and preparation. Depending on the quality of the training, the cost can vary from CAD$ 200 to CAD$1,000+.
  • The exam itself costs US$405 if you are a member; US$555 if you are a non-member. If you do not pass the exam, you can make two more attempts during the year, with a retry cost of US$275 if you are a member or US$375 if you are a non-member. Note that the annual membership cost is US$129 (plus US$10 for the first-year application fee).

Today, most large organizations will require you to have a PMP designation, if you apply for a Project Manager position.

In this three-month / two 2-hour classes per week training course, I will take you through the Project Management framework, the five process groups and the 10 knowledge areas. Spacing out the training in this manner will allow you to absorb the information and be fully prepared to take the exam.

The cost of the training will be CAD$300 excluding supporting materials that I will recommend you purchase. These supporting materials will add another CAD$300 to the cost, but will significantly increase the likelihood of success on your first attempt.

When I took the examination, I achieved Above Target in all five process groups. You do not have to do likewise but be wary of people that say “you just have to do enough to pass the examination”. In order to obtain the PMP designation, you must focus on absorbing everything there is to learn without cutting corners!


Focus on your business

Let our dedicated staff take care of al your administrative services. Paperwork, contracts, legal,… we take care of all the boring things.


Maxwell PintoTelephone: +1.416 728 4169
46 Cayuga Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6N 2G1 CanadaE-mail:

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    Maxwell Small Business Consulting Services is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals and organizations and recognizes the need for the appropriate management and protection of any and all information that is provided to us. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization, other than as necessary to fulfill your request.

    Andrew Reid
    Andrew Reid
    Friendly accountant, efficient accountant who charges reasonable fees. I highly recommend his services!
    tim kearney
    tim kearney
    Friendly accountant, knowledgeable, with rea$onable fees, and a courteous manner.
    Nathan B
    Nathan B
    Max provided quick tax filing services, with open communication through the entire process. I'll be coming back to him again next year!
    ilya ruso
    ilya ruso
    Professional, courteous and friendly approach, at a rea$onable cost.
    ANTON Sharafetdinov
    ANTON Sharafetdinov
    Max is very professional and caring, and his fees are extremely competitive.
    Gman I
    Gman I
    Choosing Max to be my tax consultant gave my business a chance. I enjoy the contemporary way he approaches his service. He is someone I can rely on, quick and very responsive, most importantly he's a person you can trust. I can't express my appreciation enough.
    Joao Oliveira
    Joao Oliveira
    He's the best bookkeeper
    Joseph Godfrey
    Joseph Godfrey
    I am a small time business, Maxwell is patient, thorough and trustworthy. He helped me to organize my taxes and file them. That was a huge relief for me as my file is not a simple one....after dealing with him, I am sure the job was done properly and honestly!!!! And at a very fair price. If there is anyone out there who needs someone to deal with taxes, so you can continue to focus on your own skills. I Highly recommend giving him a shout. You will not be disappointed!!! -Joseph
    Denise Cipriano
    Denise Cipriano
    Max was great in helping me sort out my taxes. Very speedy service and attentive to detail. Would definitely recommend and use this service again.
    An Quach
    An Quach
    This is the first year that I've worked with Maxwell and I'm so glad he was able to take my file on. Maxwell is thorough and attentive and he patiently answered all of my questions - a true professional. He operates with transparency and is committed to delivering on his word. I would highly recommend Maxwell and I look forward to working with him for years to come!
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    Average rating:  
     4 reviews
     by Stephanie Sutton
    Impeccable Service

    Maxwell Small Business Consulting Services has been doing my taxes for over 8 years. I am always impressed with the amount of detail and attention that Max provides with his services. I have referred many clients to him as he is the only one I trust with my personal and business taxes.

     by K.G.
    An Accountant par Excellence

    An accountant who is professional, courteous and trustworthy.

     by Drew Hamilton
    you're in good hands with Max

    I have been using Maxwell small business consulting services for many years now, and will be for many more years to come. Unlike some accounting services, Max really cares and always has your best interests in mind. You can put your trust in Max!

     by Yared Rodriguez
    Awesome expert

    With no doubt, Max is one of the best accountants I have dealt with. He is not just greats but he really cares about each person he deals with. I have managed my business and my personal taxes with him for the last 10 years. He is just great!